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Ontario, Michigan, Hawai'i, Japan

Freedom Ahn

Journalist. Author. Historian.
Business. Finance. Technology.
Travel, Culture, Society (Japan, Hawai'i).


Going Solar: Here’s What You Absolutely Need to Know

Going solar is becoming more and more common for homeowners across the country. If you’re considering transitioning to cleaner energy, you’ll want to know everything from how it lowers your electric bill to the federal and state incentives you may have available to you, how the system is installed, and how it actually works.

How to get educated on the Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies

With ever – growing popularity and interest in cryptocurrencies, aspiring investors often wonder about the ways to become knowledgeable in the field, in order to take more educated decisions on the market. There are variety of media from which people can acquire this knowledge – starting with online tutorials, all the way to live courses and studies.

Ryerson University’s Magnet Part of Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster – Government of Canada reveals winners of innovation generating Superclusters

Toronto, ON, Feb. 16, 2018: After a competitive process which started in May 2017, the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, announced Canada’s five superclusters and that it will invest up to $950 million under the Innovation Superclusters Initiative.

How to Take Care of Your Computer with Computer Hardware Maintenance

Computers, like any other electronic device, need regular maintenance. Just like your annual medical check-up program, your computer also needs a scheduled maintenance of computer hardware to ensure that you extend its lifespan. This is what many people call preventative maintenance. But, before we dwell on the purpose of preventative maintenance let us first consider the basic question of what is computer hardware and what is in the preventative maintenance program.

10 Tips for Purchasing Small Business Computer Systems

When tasked with purchasing small business computer systems, it can be a bit intimidating. What kind of device do you need? Are there brands that are better than others? How much memory is required? To help you answer all your questions, here are our 10 tips for purchasing small business computer systems.

How Do I Know I Have a Computer Virus?

Computer virus symptoms are not set in stone, but instead are constantly evolving. These symptoms evolve in different stages over the course of a couple weeks or even days. But when you are dealing with potential computer virus symptoms, you need to consider that a particular symptom may not happen as a result of a virus.

11 Benefits of Managed Services for Your IT Needs

Managed services is a term that refers to the practice of outsourcing your company’s IT computer network support and management to improve business operations. Companies like Dynamix Solutions would take the place of a full-time IT professional that you would normally have on staff. Companies that provide these managed services are called Managed Services Providers (MSP).

The Confidence That Comes From a Great Vehicle

Drivers want to feel confident that they are getting a great deal on new and pre-owned vehicles. This is just one of the reasons they choose to shop with Milton Nissan. Our selection of vehicles cannot be beat; we offer a wide selection of top-selling Nissan vehicles, including the sporty new 2017 Nissan Micra.

Solar energy and passive solar = more savings

A well designed solar energy system is the place to start saving money on your electric bills. But it doesn’t stop there. There are passive solar features that can be retrofitted into your current home as part of a remodeling project. There is growing interest in creating homes and other types of buildings that are easier and more efficient to maintain at comfortable temperatures so that reduces energy use and more saving is possible.

Saving Money with Solar

Saving money is the primary reason to go solar, and it starts with solar panels to lower utility bills. Photo voltaic solar panels are the most frequently used method for actively harnessing the suns energy and converting it into electricity. A well-designed solar panel array with a battery back up system can significantly reduce electric bills.

If You’re in the Market for a Full-size SUV, Don’t Let the 2017 Nissan Armada Pass You By

You can find a big bargain on a big SUV with a 2017 Nissan Armada from Milton Nissan. If you’re looking for the rugged towing capacity of a full-sized SUV that you can still handle on the highway, you won’t want to pass by this highly-rated rig. The 2017 Nissan Armada’s powerful 5.6-liter, V8 engine produces 390 horsepower and 394 pound-feet of torque.

Minister Michael Chan Launches Magnets Export Business Portal Trade

The Ministry of International Trade and Magnet are boosting access to resources for exporters with the new Magnet Export Business Portal, the first of its kind in Canada. This free online web portal helps businesses maximize international market potential by helping connect Ontario exporters with the tools and information they need to succeed in international markets.


Freedom Ahn

Freedom Ahn (Chevalier) is a journalist, author, and historian focusing. She has extensive experience working with domestic and international businesses, trade, digital, & print media publications covering a business, finance, technology, and culture (Hawai'i, Japan: traditional and contemporary culture and society). And the occasional recipe!

She has written about technologies such as drones, crypto-, digital currencies, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and more.

She is also the founder and senior copywriter at WriteAhn - a B2B and B2C digital marketing agency whose specialties include business operations; careers, recruiting, & human resources; talent management, productivity, and workforce issues; finance; domestic and international tax issues; venture capital, mergers & acquisitions, private equity transactions, investor relations, and C-suite communications.

Freedom has been all over the world in publications including The Independent, Huffington Post, The Telegraph (UK), The Chicago Sun-Times, The Telegraph, The Los Angeles Times, and The Jerusalem Post to name just a few.

She is the daughter of a French chef and has a keen interest in food, with several of her original recipes winning national and international awards.

She resides a few minutes south of Detroit, Michigan with her husband, their three Japanese dogs, and four French cats.



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