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#FlySafe: Regulations Governing The Drone Industry

They may have started out as military tools but Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems) or Drones, as they’re commonly called, are turning up everywhere. Real estate agencies frequently use drones to get stunning, aerial shots of properties they have been enlisted to sell. Drones can play a life-saving role in search and rescue or surveillance maneuvers, and don’t forget recreational activities like drone racing!

Food Safety: How Toronto’s DineSafe Program Can Keep You Safe This Holiday Season

Here in Canada, Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Before you know it, the holiday season will be in full swing, and you know what that means! The chance to get together with friends and enjoy the delights of restaurants, food trucks, and cafes and pubs.

Frozen Waves: Impossibly Beautiful

Do frozen waves actually exist? When a very specific set of environmental conditions occur, an icy ocean wave builds with the current, and rises to break high above the surface. Only it doesn’t. It stops, mid-wave, seemingly frozen in time and tide, a stationary crest.

5 Activities for Visiting Grand-Kids

Sometimes visiting grandma and granddad can be a little intimidating, especially if you reside in an assisted living community. The sights and sounds are unfamiliar to young eyes and ears, but that that doesn’t have to mean an uncomfortable visit. These 5 activities will have your visiting little ones feeling right at home and have you making long-lasting memories in no time! Read A Chapter From a Book Yes, just a chapter.
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Avoiding The Er

Did you know that nearly 25% of the older adult population will end up in the emergency room this year? When someone says emergency room visit your mind probably races and you think of things like heart attacks, strokes, or major falls. And while these are legitimate crisis situations that require emergency care, the reality is that very few of emergency room visits are real emergencies. And many can be avoided. Let’s look at the top ways to avoid the ER this year.
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How "virtual volunteering" can help you change the world anytime, anywhere

If you’re someone who is able to do these things, that’s great! But if you are experiencing mobility issues, or you don’t have time because of work and/or family obligations, or you simply prefer not venturing out in certain weather (like me), then “virtual volunteering” could be perfect for you. Technological advancements mean you now have the opportunity to volunteer your time and skills with little effort beyond logging on.
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Does Cannabis Help With Period Cramps?

It’s a question that’s become increasingly popular as cannabis and its applications become more and more mainstream. In fact, treating menstrual cramps with cannabis dates back to the England of Charles Dickens. Queen Victoria (whose reign began June 20, 1837, and continued until her death on January 22, 1901) used marijuana for relief of severe menstrual cramps.
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Cannabis for the treatment of Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive, neurodegenerative disorder of the central nervous system. It primarily affects motor function and intentional muscle movement. One out of every 500 Canadians is affected by Parkinson’s, with roughly 6,600 new cases diagnosed annually. And while the exact cause of Parkinson’s remains unknown, there is hope for better treatment.
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Can cannabis treat diabetes?

Every day, three million Canadians live with diabetes. By 2020 that number is expected to grow to 4.2 million, more than 10 percent of the country’s population. What’s worse, an estimated additional one million Canadians have the disease but do not know it. Juvenile Diabetes, the common name for type 1 diabetes, is a genetic condition where the pancreas cannot create enough insulin to meet the body’s needs.
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Smartphone, Internet Use Rising in Emerging Economies

Globally, we are becoming more and more connected every day. Our progression as a society is dependent upon the technology we create and adopt. That’s why smartphone and Internet use in emerging economies are such a big deal. Advancements in technology are no longer limited to established economies, where internet use and ownership of high-tech gadgetry is still king.
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Instagram: Must-Have B2C App Of The Year

The Photo-, Video-sharing Social Network App Leads in Usage Growth by Marketers. Based in London, industry leader ALFInsight surveyed more than 200 marketers with the purpose of learning everything about their spending habits, strategy, use of technology and overall social media experiences. The results of their recently released research not only looked back at the 2015 behaviour but looked at anticipated developments for the coming year.
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How To Eliminate Stress In One Week

We all know the disastrous effects stress can have on our bodies. Trying to do it all can be a daunting, damaging task. When you factor in added stress from worrying about everything you have to do each day, it can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be that way. By implementing these seven simple tools, you can eliminate stress in just one week.
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Freedom Ahn

Freedom Ahn Chevalier is a cultural anthropologist (practical) and journalist specializing in traditional and contemporary Japanese culture and society. She has extensive experience working with domestic and international businesses, trade, digital, & print media publications covering a wide array of topics including business, finance, culture, politics, environment, conservation, and more.

She has written about technologies such as drones, crypto-, digital, & virtual currency, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cyber security, and more.

She is also the founder and senior copywriter at WriteAhn - a B2B and B2C digital marketing agency whose specialties include business operations, human resources, finance, C-suite recruiting, talent management, productivity, and workforce issues, venture capital, mergers & acquisitions, private equity transactions, tax issues, investor relations, recruiting.

Freedom has been all over the world in publications including The Independent, Huffington Post, The Telegraph (UK), The Chicago Sun-Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The Jerusalem Post to name just a few.

She is the daughter of a French chef and has a keen interest in food, with several of her original recipes winning national and international awards.

She resides a few minutes south of Detroit, Michigan with her husband, their three Japanese dogs, and four French cats.



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