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Sumo for Beginners

Japan’s national sport, Sumo, is a traditional style of wrestling with roots reaching back to Shinto festivals during the Edō period (1603-1868). Wrestlers would perform at shrines during these celebrations to entertain and honour the Shinto gods and goddesses (kami) with the hope their actions would encourage a bountiful harvest.
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Tokyo’s No. 2 Arterial Road to link bayside islands in 2022

The Tokyo government is aiming to have the No. 2 Arterial Road completed by 2022. This road will connect the man-made islands of Kachidoki, Harumi, Shin-Toyosu and Ariake with Shimbashi and provide more convenient access for trucks to access the new fish market and logistics facilities on the islands.

Tokyo Bay’s transport woes may leave Athlete’s Village an isolated outpost

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun morning paper has suggested that the post-olympic future of Tokyo’s Athletes Village, located on a man-made island in the bay, seems uncertain as the city looks to scale back plans for the bus rapid transit (BRT) system. Without adequate transport links, one major developer reported that the the potential salability of the 5,600+ condos to be built in the village looks grim.

Tokushima’s Awa Odori Kaikan: Join the wild ‘fool’s dance’

The Awa Odori is an incredibly vibrant traditional dance, accompanied by equally spirited celebrations, that is performed each August to mark Obon, a Buddhist festival for the repose of the dead. Originating in Tokushima, the dance has gradually spread across all of Japan and recently even been held as far away as Paris.

Le système d’assurance santé au Japon

Au Japon, il y a un système d’assurance santé appelé “Kokumin-Kenkou-Hoken » (国民健康保険), qui signifie “Assurance Santé Nationale”. Le gouvernement japonais requiert de vous que vous rejoigniez ce système, et nous vous recommandons de le faire le plus tôt possible si vous êtes un étudiant à long terme (plus de 6 mois).

Téléphoner au Japon

Il n’est sûrement pas nécessaire de vous expliquer ô combien un téléphone portable est aujourd’hui indispensable pour profiter de votre séjour au Japon. En dehors des applications qui vous aideront sur place, un numéro de téléphone vous sera probablement nécessaire pour trouver du travail. Dans cet article, nous vous donnerons toutes les astuces pour réduire au maximum vos frais téléphoniques.

S’installer au Japon : tout ce que vous devez savoir !

Alors ça y est, vous avez décidé de tout quitter pour réaliser votre rêve de venir vous installer au Japon. C’est un premier pas ! Maintenant, il s’agit de voir quelles sont les options qui s’offrent à vous pour y parvenir, et nous sommes sur le point de vous donner quelques détails qui pourraient vous être utiles.

Comment devenir enseignant de japonais ?

Pour être enseignant de japonais au Japon, les japonais ont le choix entre 3 cursus : Suivre une formation (日本語教師養成講座) de 420 heures (si l’on a déjà un Bachelor’s degree (licence)) Passer un examen, « Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test » (日本語教育能力検定試験) Alors concrètement, les étrangers peuvent-ils devenir profs de japonais ?

Utiliser un téléphone au Japon !

Une question primordiale pour les étudiants étrangers au Japon est de savoir comment ils vont pouvoir utiliser un smartphone. Ou mieux, leur smartphone. Que choisir ? Avoir son téléphone et le faire fonctionner avec une carte SIM japonaise, un téléphone japonais, forfait « data » ou « voice » ? Comment avoir un numéro de téléphone japonais ?

Discover Japan 7 Days

Itinerary Writer This 100% guaranteed departure tour is our leading package for experiencing both the past and present of Japan. Visiting Japan major cities and destinations, this Japan golden route tour is our most successful adventure. This tour offers a deep insight into Japan culture and history and is the best way to experience Japan most well-known historical and cultural destinations.

Tokyo Holidays

Want to make this year stand out? Make it the year you do something completely different! With many flights departing from London and other cities in the UK, Tokyo is much more accessible than its exotic location would suggest. Hop on a non-stop flight and it is twelve-hour flight – just as far as you might travel to get to California, but a world away!

Kii Peninsula Holidays

The Kii Peninsula is one of the most pronounced peninsulas found on the Japanese island of Honshu. This location is known for a few rather interesting features. For example, the waters just off of the coast are home to the most northerly coral reefs in the world. The tropical rainforests associated with the Kii Peninsula are the wettest in the world; an estimated five metres of rainfall can occur here each year.


Freedom Ahn

Canadian-born Freedom Ahn (Chevalier) is a journalist, writer, ghostwriter, marketer, and editor. (She's also a best-selling novelist and an awarding-winning short-fiction author and songwriter.)
Her first assignment following graduation was covering political & civil unrest in the Middle East. Since then, she has written about politics, science, environment, business, & finance, and worked with people from a diverse cross-section of society helping them tell their story. She has worked with Emmy-, Grammy-, Oscar-, Tony-, and Pulitzer-prize winners, in addition to New York Times Bestselling Authors.

Her writing has appeared in global publications including The Independent (UK), Huffington Post (USA), The Telegraph (UK), The Chicago Sun-Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Jerusalem Post, and more.

She has worked with multinational organizations such as Aprio (HA+W), Manulife, Morgan Stanley, ADP, Deloitte, The Toronto Stock Exchange, BDO, & ADP, as well as dynamic startups & small business enterprises including Six-Figure Wealth, Targeted Blockchain Technologies, and ZipBooks.

She holds multiple marketing certifications.

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